What Your Clothes Say About You?

Peta Jefferies

Posted on August 12 2019

What Your Clothes Say About You?
What you choose to wear each day isn’t necessarily arbitrary; your clothes say a lot about your personality and it’s pretty fascinating. Here are seven different fashion styles decoded, along with some insights into what your choice of clothing says about you.

7 Different Fashion Styles:

1. Sporty

Do you stay in your gym clothes long after the gym? Love the way soft, spandex leggings hug your legs? Prefer tennies over pumps on most days of the week? Then you’re definitely a sporty gal. Women who rock the sporty style are active and on-the-go. They choose looks that can take them from shopping to their kid’s soccer practice. If you like sporty clothing, chances are you are a big proponent of physical activity.

Personality traits: Confidence, easy-going, optimistic, focused, leadership.

2.   Feminine

Also described as girly, the feminine fashion style is full of florals, ruffles, lace, hearts, and pastel colors like lavender and pink. This gal is a hopeless romantic who loves cuddling up to a good romantic comedy or romance novel. She likes to dress like a lady and be treated like one. If you’re a girl who loves dresses, skirts, pretty heels, and overall lovely fashions, you probably identify with the feminine clothing style.

Personality traits: Composure, thoughtfulness, an eye for art and beauty.

3. Clean and Simple

This girl next door is classic and has a no-frills approach to both her clothing and her life. You’ll see her around the house and on the town in a simple fitted t-shirt and killer jeans. She focuses more on fit than frilly style. Sometimes referred to as a tomboy, she likes to keep things clean and simple. Instead of bright colors, she prefers neutrals like white, black, gray, and beige. Her simple modern style doesn’t mean that she’s dowdy—she can be the life of the party and is that girl people tend to flock to because she’s low on drama. You’ll often find her in a graphic tee, shorts, and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

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Personality traits: Kind, earnest, dependable, fun.

 4 . Make a Statement

This fashion style likes to stand out. If you like bright colors and prints and aren’t afraid to wear them confidently, then you are the Make a Statement style. You lean toward clothing that says, “YooHoo…over here!” Those vibrant blues and bold prints reflect the inner confidence this lady has. She is woman, hear her roar! If your clothes make a statement, than this could be reflected in your personality as well. You are bold, confident, and don’t mind being the center of attention…in fact, you prefer it!

Personality Traits: Charismatic, self-assured, artistic, well-spoken.

5. Free-Spirited

Let that wind blow your hair girl, because you are wild and free. Picture the free-spirited girl in the seat of a convertible with the top down and her hands are in the air. She’s spontaneous and so is her clothing. She may not follow strict fashion rules, but the outfits she comes up with are new and exciting! Fringe with lace—she’ll try it and rock it. Bell sleeves and wide-leg pants—she’s bringing them back. The free-spirited fashion style relies on the creative gal to think outside the box. She can throw together items in an outfit that you wouldn’t think go together, but on her…they totally work!

Personality Traits: Bohemian, carefree, enthusiastic, a creative thinker.

6. Trend-Setter

This girl knows her fashion. The trend-setter is always up on the latest styles and switches out her wardrobe regularly. She always looks like she just stepped off of a runway and her friends are always asking her for fashion advice. She knows what’s hot and is usually the first one to try out a new trend.

Personality Traits: Connected, intelligent, helpful, a good friend.

7. Homestead Chic

Finally, for the homestead chic style we turn to some favorite TV icons like the Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) and Joanna Gaines. These ladies can command a farm or construction site with style. Think plaids, boots, overalls, button-ups, and a jacket. If you’re comfortable in the country and like your clothing to reflect that, you may have a bit of homestead chic fashion sense about you.

Personality Traits: Resourceful, productive, energetic, neighborly.

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